Monday, July 14, 2008

Why Abortion is Wrong!

Despite being “legal”, we must, necessarily, due to the enormity of what is taking place every day, re-consider the reality of what takes place during an abortion. It is very easy to slide into the familiarity and comfort of our emotions when discussing this topic. This is a very emotional topic. Emotion has to be left at the door if you want to come in and get to the truth.

At the moment of conception a sperm penetrates an egg thereby fertilizing the egg. At that moment the genetic make-up of that baby is complete. At that very moment the fertilized egg, or zygote, is no longer just a cell or clump of cells from just the mother or just the father. It is no longer just “a part” of the mother or the father. That zygote is now a living entity (or being) that is separate and apart (identifiably by the newly created genetic makeup) from both parents and dependent on the mother for nourishment and space to grow. It is not the mother or her body. It is a human “being” at the earliest and most vulnerable stage of life. At that stage its form may be described as a few cells but its substance is pure human. It is a ‘being” and it is human. Fact via logic.

(FYI: 9 days after conception blood begins to flow. 19 days after conception the heart begins to beat. 35 days after conception tiny arm and legs begin to grow.)

We live in an era of unprecedented consumerism that has most people equating “freedom” with choice. The Founding Fathers of America intended for our freedom to be based in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is not based in choice carte blanche.

When you cloak the termination of the life of this ‘being’ with the illusion of “choice” you open the floodgates of emotion because it is considered by the disillusioned to be a direct assault on what they perceive to be their freedom. As Americans, freedom is our most precious asset so if what we perceive to be our freedom is under attack there will necessarily be a rush to defend this “choice” or, due to its legality, what most pro-choice women consider their “right.”

Giving a woman the “right” to have an abortion is logically equivalent to giving a taxi driver the “right” to kill a person who jumped in his cab, even though his “Not in Service” light was on, because he doesn’t want to be bothered with the time, effort and inconvenience of taking the passenger where he needs to go. When a “passenger” shows up in a mother’s womb you can’t just ask them to get out.

I am not going to approach issues of incest, rape or potential death of the mother. These are exceptions to the rule and need to be addressed on an individual basis. Abortion, in and of itself, is the premeditated murder of another human being and it is wrong. Any argument to the contrary is illogical and nonsensical.

Why We need to Drill for Oil: Now!

Drill. This is now a national security issue as we are now so economically weak that even a small terrorist attack (which most of the forgetful, wide-eyed, feel good, politically correct Lefties think could never happen again-mostly as a result of the fact that the Bush people have made sure it hasnt happened again) could bring this country to a two class system: the have and have nots. Mandate drilling in Anwr, in North Dakota & partially offshore. The psychological effects on futures traders alone would bring the price down in the short run. In the long run we secure our future/independence. If alternative methods of energy blossom and grow during the interim then we can shut down some of the drilling and give tax breaks to the companies that invested in the drilling operations. It's tough decision time. Stop wiping tears for caribou that may have to run around a fence or "the devastation to local eco-systems". Local ecosystems will be fine under proper mangement. You can still put on your wide-brimmed canvas hat and your multipocketed canvas vest and get out of your Subaru (with Obama sticker) with binoculars in hand and live in your delusional reality of "tending to Mother Earth." Its really pathetic that the Greatest Generation created a path for their children and grandchildred (the Baby Boomers) to become the Worst Generation of selfish, narcisstic, Godless, whining, drug taking baffoons who "think" they "changed the world" by practically destroying one of the greatest experiments by humans in all of time: America. I am not talking about the change that came with Civil Rights or Equal Rights or technological advancements that have progressed over the last 50-60 years - those results are from pure logic that any generation would have manifested. I am talking about the self-important, feel good at any cost, don't offend anyone, 'what about me' Baby Boomer idiots who rode Its a Small World too many times at Disney World and have allowed this great country to disolve into a pleasure-seeking cesspool by steering the national outlook into the murky grays of self-centered relativism. There is black and white. There are no shades of gray. If you think otherwise then just one question: Which anti-depressant are you on? Drill. Drill now. The arguments against it have illusionary foundations in the shifting emotions of a generation self-absorbed.